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He stole a car and spent hours driving in circles, but he got her there without being followed. He wants answers and this is the only way to got them. Sam asks Michael to help a SEAL teammate of his named Virgil , a repo man who is having trouble reclaiming a boat for his own clients from Jamaican gangsters. As soon as they find it. Harrick assures him that either way, he will find the other two “team members” even if he has to hack off a little piece of Sam at a time to get the answers he wants. Sam and his captors, former special forces all, are working from the same playbook and have to get clever with each other.

They avoid the subtle approach altogether. Hanging up, Fiona has surmised that Michael has bought them more time. He adds that he thinks the people after him might know this car, so he plans to drive them to Fort Lauderdale and “find” them another car. Harrick asks what kind of work it is that Michael does. And I am really, really good at raining down Hell. Michael drops on him from above.

Things go really bad, though, when the smugglers kidnap Sam and force Fiona on the run. Sam keeps talking, doing his best to enrage Harrick in hopes that he’ll kill him.

She asks if edns got anything, and he tells her he learned only that the people Cowan worked for have plans for him.

This is not a favor. Season Finale, Part II: He thinks they might want information, they might have a job for him to do, all he knows is that they shot Cowan for a reason.

I give you a name, it gets back, we’re in a “Barry facedown in the river situation”. Michael asks what happened with Sam. And discover a bomb packed with ball bearings. When Barry’s phone rings and a stranger asks for Michael.

Michael pulls over and gets out; Nate and Madeleine leave. Sam’s stay with the smugglers. On the run from the teams summoned by his call to his handler, Michael jumps the hood of a car, then snatches the woman’s keys from the ignition and tosses them.

Michael’s only answer is burn notice season 1 loose ends part 2 say “Please. If they will back off and let him handle the other matter, he will then turn himself in. They agree that both had done a lot of things for the benefit of the family, and as ever, Michael looks uncomfortable discussing seasin past. Perched an a balcony above the pay phone, Michael and Fiona watch as the guys in suits predictably arrive.

Burn Notice S 1 E 12 Loose Ends / Recap – TV Tropes

Nate points out that Michael just told burn notice season 1 loose ends part 2 the Charger was being followed. The house Nate takes Team Westen to.

Michael crashes Nate’s truck through the warehouse wall, tossing Fiona his gun as she comes running. Nitice cannot keep quiet, but Michael shushes her to continue questioning Nate. After bargaining for more time, Michael eventually rescues Sam and destroys the smuggling operation, then turns right around to drive to the bur of nowhere, hoping to get answers about his burn notice from these unknown people. Nate picked up his mother and, rather than risking a bug or tracker in his car, stole a new car, drove around Little Haiti for an hour, down to Virginia Key and back Still uncooperative while seeming affable, Sam asks what happens if he doesn’t talk.

Driving Into A Truck: He promises Sam he will find Gillian, and Sam yawns in his face. Fiona still has the other men pinned down, and pulls out a cell phone. Harrick rips the tape off Sam’s mouth, telling him he is going to call Sam’s ntoice, and Sam is going to speak. How Michael gets his face to notoce with Carmelo. When you work in intelligence you get used to the idea that some information is worth risking everything for.

He realizes Sam has had training, adding that he himself is a former Green Beret. The season ends with Michael driving onto a truck to be taken to his new “handler. Michael, meanwhile pries the bars enss the window to give them an escape route when the mixture in the truck bed explodes, scattering sexson men. While trying to get the FBI out of Sam’s hair, Michael decides to get as much out burn notice season 1 loose ends part 2 the assassin as he can about the burn notice, then turns him over to them only to learn they killed him.

Harrick dials the phone. Michael and Fiona head into Miami to see how serious nptice spooks are. After tripping out of his water gear and sneaks into the barge. CW Sam is in the interior of an ocean-going vessel of some kind, a cargo ship, being burn notice season 1 loose ends part 2 by very large men.

Running for his life down an alley, Michael seizes an opportunity to escape when it presents itself. Justified on Nate’s part in that he’s firing a handgun at a group of bad burn notice season 1 loose ends part 2 maybe fifty feet away and mostly just trying to force them to keep their heads down and stay away from the warehouse.

Michael knows that Harrick intends to kill them; his next step is learning who Harrick is. They watch from a nearby roof as a team makes an expert approach and secures the payphone.

Burn Notice: The Complete Series, Season 1

He’s surprised when Michael’s phone begins ringing in the hallway. Michael is cool, saying only that Sam works for him. In the end, all Michael’s work is in vain, as Sam tells him that the man who burned him is coming to Miami.

Finally freed, Buen agrees that is fair enough. Michael prevails, with a little help from Sam and shoots Harrick in the gut with his own gun. Michael asks the price, but Harrick wants to meet with Michael and Fiona first.

Loose Ends, Part 1

The rear doors close. Michael agrees this is true, but he is the one they want, not Nate and Madeline.

Meanwhile, he calls in a favor with an Egyptian spy he once rescued and asks for the file burn notice season 1 loose ends part 2 his burn notice.

He and Fiona share a smile as the call is disconnected by the person who had answered. Explore Wikis Community Central. Michael acknowledges that Sam is his employee and claims to be a competitor in the heroin business. The persona Sam adopts while being tortured.

Look, something happens to you and mom is on my ass forever.