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In the meantime, Richard has to bear the indignity of seeing Keisha every day, since she was awarded part ownership of C-Sports Now as part of the settlement. Season 2, Episode 18 September 7, Leslie also realizes that she is still in love with Joseph and doesn’t know what to do. In the series finale, Benny reveals a shocking secret to his friend Marcus. Retrieved September 14, Leslie witnesses part of the exchange, unseen by Marcus and Keisha. The season picks up with Richard dealing with the consequences for his abuse towards Keisha.

A heated argument ensues when Keisha barges into a C-Sports Now meeting to confront Richard about closing the business accounts. Retrieved April 18, Marcus receives a certified letter stating that he’s behind on child support. Joseph supports Richard’s decision. Jennifer resists at first, but finally gives in. Chris suggests that Leslie talk with Joseph. Joseph has spared no expense in trying to win back her heart. Season 2, Episode 21 September 21,

While Angela, Leslie and Jennifer enjoy a ladies’ night out, Leslie reveals that she asked Joseph how many women he’d slept with while they had been separated. Angela wonders why Marcus has put up with Keisha’s meddling at work, and, having finally had enough, goes to the studio herself. Meanwhile, Richard is tired of Keisha’s spending habits and decides to put her on an allowance. Angela gets a call from the for better for worse tyler perry season 2 office saying that Jennifer never showed up for her follow-up appointment to get tested for HIV.

Angela is audited by the IRS after her cousin is arrested for embezzlement and tax fraud.

Leslie seeks the flr of Angela and Jennifer to help finish decorating Joseph’s house before he returns home.

Keisha shows up at the offices of C-Sports Now and asks Marcus to spend some time with her daughter, Dominique. Marcus contemplates getting a divorce lawyer.

TBS Sets Debut Date For Season 2 Of Tyler Perry’s “For Better Or Worse”

This inspires Angela to go home and ask For better for worse tyler perry season 2 how many women he’s had sex with. They did not sleep together. Joseph receives a call from a woman that reveals some surprises. Season 2, Episode 31 November 16, Leslie witnesses part of the exchange, unseen by Marcus and Keisha. Angela’s history with Marcus’ friend Benny is revealed. The ladies reveal the results of their second home pregnancy tests. Season 2, Episode 27 October 26, Haunted by a one-night stand she had fourteen years ago, Angela is horrified when Tyrik’s mom has an uncanny resemblance to M.

Keisha maliciously informs Joseph that Leslie’s marriage tylsr Chris has been annulled. Leslie decides to call off the wedding after Joseph’s recent motorcycle accident.

Joseph finally arrives back home to start his recovery.

TBS Sets Debut Date For Season 2 Of Tyler Perry’s “For Better Or Worse”

After spending the night at Joseph’s house, Leslie and he begin to restore their friendship. With no other way to get in, an outraged Richard rams the door, trying to break it down, and ends up seriously injuring his back.

Marcus questions Keisha’s intentions and suggests a prenuptial agreement. Todd discovers that the newly arrived Shawn Logan Browning is carrying his child, not Marcus’. Leslie is conflicted about whether she should tell Angela that she saw Marcus fro Keisha in a weird moment. Angela gives For better for worse tyler perry season 2 V.

Angela decides to invite Tyrik even after being warned against it by Jennifer and Leslie. Jennifer is forced to reflect on her choices after being intimate with a new man becomes a frightening ordeal.

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Angela insults Jennifer for sleeping with Richard and Leslie tries to calm the situation. Click to expand Episode 1 – s02e01 Episode 2 – s02e02 Episode 3 – s02e03 Episode 4 – s02e04 Episode 5 – s02e05 For better for worse tyler perry season 2 6 – s02e06 Episode 7 – s02e07 Episode 8 – s02e08 Episode 9 – s02e09 Episode 10 – s02e10 Episode 11 – s02e11 Episode 12 – s02e12 Episode 13 – s02e13 Episode 14 – s02e14 Episode 15 – s02e15 Episode 16 – s02e16 Episode 17 – s02e17 Episode 18 – s02e18 Episode 19 – s02e19 Episode 20 – s02e20 Episode 21 – s02e21 Episode 22 – s02e22 Episode 23 – s02e23 Episode 24 – s02e24 Episode 25 – s02e25 Episode 26 – s02e26 Episode 27 – s02e27 Episode 28 – s02e28 Episode 29 – s02e29 Episode 30 – s02e30 Episode 31 – s02e31 Episode 32 – s02e32 Episode 33 – s02e33 Episode 34 – s02e34 Episode 35 – s02e Marcus and Angela try to bond with Pam, the girl that claims to be Marcus’ daughter.

In order to maintain their health coverage at C-Sports Now, Richard, Marcus and Joseph, being in their 40s, must go in for colonoscopies and for better for worse tyler perry season 2 exams. EPS 21 Nitro Circus. Angela does not remember the exchange until after an argument with Marcus, where he discovers the truth in Tyrik’s allegation. When Jennifer realizes that Jack was unaware of Angela and Leslie’s plan, she decides to seek Jack out and apologize.

Joseph tries to come up with a proposal idea for Leslie; he finds himself struggling. Retrieved from ” https: Marcus discovers that Chris and Leslie have been invited to the house by Angela. Later, at the offices of C-Sports Now, Joseph’s co-workers figure out what he’s been up to when he leaves to get lunch and is gone for three hours. Angela later finds out that Marcus stole her money to replace his items.

For better for worse tyler perry season 2 May 16, Season 2, Episode 10 August 10, Marcus must explain to M. Afraid to upset Joseph in his fragile condition, Marcus enlists Richard’s help, who then reluctantly invites Joseph out to dinner with Keisha and him.