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Chantelle’s change of attitude puts a patient at risk after her driving test results are abysmal. Time is ticking away for Frieda to complete her F1 portfolio on AAU, with no other consultant available, she asks Michael. Oliver connects with a grieving patient who has heart problems, though Greg fails to recognise the skills that Oliver has gained under Jac’s mentorship. Sahira and Greg work on Darwin, aware that one patient is a mystery shopper. Dan’s in Miami on a conference, so Oliver assists Ric on a patient with orthopaedic and general surgical complications. Elsewhere, working with Luc on AAU, Eddi finally feels that she might be beginning to understand the man. Refusing to bow to rules and regulations, Elliot goes ahead with a risky surgery in a bid to save the patient’s life.

Jac has a new F1, on whom she takes out her frustration following the departure of baby Freya. The new non-referral system has Chrissie concerned. Young expanded, “Luc is an enigmatic stranger whose diagnostic genius and acerbic wit make him a brilliant doctor but an occasionally infuriating colleague. Sasha is forced to reveal that he has been moonlighting in Holbycare when one of his patients turns up unexpectedly on Keller. Oliver connects with a grieving patient who has heart problems, though Greg fails to recognise the skills that Oliver has gained under Jac’s mentorship. When he and the vice-chancellor disagree over whether Dan or Malick should be considered for the position of clinical skills teacher, Hanssen realises he might not be completely in control of Holby’s future. New F1 Tara ruffles feathers with her over keen attitude. Sahira Laila Rouass nearly resigns in protest over Hanssen’s new management regime but soon relents when she finds out how much pressure her mentor is under.

Views Read Edit View history. Eddi becomes unusually nice in a bid episove prove to Sacha she is not upset by Luc’s departure, while Serena treats a woman who is keeping the truth about her condition from her partner.

Holby City S14 E31 – Wolf’s Clothing – Video Dailymotion

On 12 DecemberMacLiam announced his intention to also depart the series. Eddi disappears for a moment alone with Max – only to be interrupted by the last person she expected to see again – Luc – and Chrissie episde a milestone birthday, but really isn’t in the mood for celebrating. But then he discovers that she is writing a report on him for Hanssen.

Rafi confronts her about Greg, and she is episde with the pressures being placed upon her.

Tuesday 18 October “. Eddi’s brother, Liam, turns up at Holby desperate for eppisode help. Chrissie longs for a happy ending after recent events with Dan. Greg tries to confront Sahira about his parf for her but she pushes him away. As Greg and Rafi’s friendship grows, Sahira’s relationship with her husband is worse than ever, especially when she expects him to deal with a problem at home whilst they are both at work.

“Holby City” Unsafe Haven: Part Two (TV Episode ) – IMDb

Chrissie’s got another exam to take as well as a bridal fitting, but is distracted by Dan’s sexuality. Sahira and Greg work on Darwin, aware that one patient is a mystery shopper.

Dan finds it difficult to understand her stance, but soon sees that she has a determination he lacks. Ollie tries to shut Tara out.

Unsafe Haven: Part Two

Mo is back at work after giving up her baby and insists to Jonny that she is fine. Chrissie is refusing to leave Sacha’s bedside, despite Michael’s pleas for her to leave the ward.

Darwin welcomes the new transplant team, registrar Mo Effanga Chizzy Akudolu and charge nurse Jonny Maconie Michael Thomsonbut Jac is not happy about the attention they holby city series 14 episode 36 part 2. When Chrissie and Sacha return, Dan is forced to work with all loved up couple.

Unsafe Haven – Part 2

Chrissie feels the strain of the Ritchie case and ends up making a mistake with a Patient. Greg feels sidelined – but will Dan have to guts to tell Chrissie all? Retrieved 3 October He acts like he is fine with it all, but how long can Dan convince her he is OK with their burgeoning relationship?

Jolly left the show on 25 October when her character was written out of the show.

Luc promises Liam he will support him at a Youth Offender’s Court hearing but fails to turn up, and the distress he causes makes him realise his responsibilities as a mentor. Dan panics and tries to get him discharged, while in the process delegating all his work to Oliver. As she takes on too much she nearly kills a patient and starts to doubt whether she should be a doctor after all.

Jac fights to save a baby called Freya and performs eplsode surgery on her after epixode Elliot Paul Holby city series 14 episode 36 part 2. Michael, who cannot leave HolbyCare, doesn’t want to be in Hanssen’s bad books as soon as he’s come back, so will he let Frieda fail?

However, when Hanssen then asks Malick to fast-track a patient’s care in order to free up beds in Keller, Malick is conflicted. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Greg volunteers to help Sahira on a conference after Hanssen backs down, together they get funding for the Cardiac Trauma Unit. Juggling his new role with caring for his patients, Malick realises that teaching is about more than just impressing students.

Eddi discovers there is more to Luc than meets the eye when his friend turns up holby city series 14 episode 36 part 2 the ward claiming to be in pain. Archived from the original on 4 May Retrieved 21 July