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  • August 10, 2018


Hope she finds clothes that fit. I feel sorry for him being related to her sorry i dont think she is that great. She was talking about her millions of record sales. Malik seems like the angry house wife lol. Malike the piece of wet soggy shit… He should go kill himself.. There are men married to women who ate gay, your neighbors are gay, teachers, bus drivers, politicians, servers, cooks. Ummmm…wtf just happened with that Malik situation? So what gay people are dancing at the same party you are at what that got to do with him.

Shorts riding all up the back of that loooong ass those tight faded azz jean jackets that cant even snap shut! And this is coming from a straight man who respect people regardless of who they present themselves to the world to be…. She need to remember she was looking like a whole baluga whale few years back. All that yelling and vein popping. How you gonna get mad because Bobby is only expressing his opinion on Trina lack of support. And damn near broke her neck it looks like!! Malik needs to get over himself. Is Miami tip a midget??

If you seen her teeth before they got fixed you would see the resemblance between them. WTF He is so abusive with all that yelling. Btw I gave you an invite. Jeffery is just too cute. Ow Malik you big mad?! Bobby has onkine star personality then her and brings more to the show.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 7 Episode 9 VH1 Online

Shay would have probably softened hkp AND they could have resumed the discussion some other day like Baby Blue Whoaaa suggested. No one is checking for no damn Trina and Trick Daddy. He is worst than Milan.

Jeffery is cute bless him. Man oh Man, we have lost our men. People say he shouldnt have came out if he was still uncomfortable but thats not something to get used to over night that is VERY Life changing I myself can relate to that being that Im awtch bisexual woman. I was a fan of trinanot anymore.

Patiently waiting of the finale like……. I get that this is part of the whole “charm” of the series but WTH is wrong with some of these people, if you want to jump your ex’s bones the minute you see them why did you get married?

All that yelling and vein popping. Get your priorities str8 and stop normalizing black men being hypermasculine. You should be coming out for your damself dude! aatch

Now Trina, she was another olve that I had to give the side eye towards. Yeah he was tripping …. His apology was never sincere. The moment she shows one little fake ass sign of so called support, his little tail starts wagging, bless his heart. Back to Sign In Register. Malik was always a queen queer behind scenes… He Shuda been out….

Trina outfits do be trash asl!

Love & Hip Hop Season 8 Episode 9

He possibly sees the parade crowd as broke club trolls who are beneath him. Vermon needs her ass kicked… Amara is way more talented. Yep trust and believe he trying to fuck Shay. I think you meant back with Veronica but yes, this episode, this season, this whole series is full of contradictions usually lol much of which is scripted or manipulated situations.

Yea i never noticed how adorable he is until this episode. Love and hip hop ep 9 watch online need to bring her back next season. This shit with Prince and Michelle is corny. Signing off this muh fucks. Veronica is hella annoying, the nerve of Young Hollywood to call Amara ghetto when Veronica is the queen of Ghetto with a capital G. She doesnt suppport him really!

Michelle wants to smash Prince. Jettson Garner Ames Green. I was like dam i missed something! I kinda Felt that! The gay dude that just came out the closet to everyone annoys the shit out of me….

Yall gonna beef forever!