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DJ Self’s newest Gwinin artist, Dreamdoll, is known for her social media following and buzzy single “Everything Nice”. Proud mother of her greatest accomplishment, Mendeeceees R. Winter has worked behind the scenes in the hip-hop industry for more than 10 years and consulted as a wardrobe stylist for labels such as Ruff Ryders, Murder Inc. Rich Dollaz and Yandy Smith were the only major cast members from the first two seasons to remain on the show, with Yandy taking over for Chrissy as the lead. I rebel against anything that society tries to use to keep us boxed in – racism, judgment, anything that makes you feel inferior as a woman. Spending her youth in one of the most crime-ridden, drug-infested cities in the country, Mariahlynn lived in foster home after foster home. To understand how disruptive Cardi was, we should rewind.

In nearly every episode, there is an obligatory scene of one or more of them in the studio. Her love for her son Stephen has motivated her to advance her career. After kicking ass in the “Chun-Li” …. Michelle join the cast in season four, with her purpose on the show mainly served to set up her own spin-off series, as such, she appeared in infrequently and barely interacted with the rest of the cast. Erica’s body of work doesn’t end with video modeling. New York in promotional material, premiered on January 7, , with nearly a whole new cast. After years of working with celebrities, Jonathan became one in his own right.

As fate would have it, she met actor Michael K.

Mariahlynn receives devastating news about a family member. She opened a vintage clothing store and with her fashion forward style and over the top personality, she soon became a well-loved socialite, traveling the world and attending the hottest A-list events.

As a role model, she has won the hearts of millions by candidly sharing her life story and struggle on E! A native of Washington DC who hhip resides in Brooklyn, Sofi Green is the quintessential artist who is outspoken, aggressive, and fashionable in her own way. Recognized for finding the hot new talent, DJ Self will continue to use his industry connections to help propel his artists.

Cardi B’s Success Proves Why She Never Needed ‘Love & Hip Hop’

Erika DeShazo episode 11 — Mendeecees’ baby mama. Amina reveals the fate of her pregnancy. Ayisha Diaz Cast Member. Joe Budden began freestyling in high school and made many appearances on several NYC mixtapes. Catly is demanding respect.

On October 2,VH1 announced the show’s return for an eighth season, which premiered on October 30, Yandy gives Bianca an ultimatum. Tramp rapidly climbed up www.

Cardi B ditches stripper past for ‘Love & Hip Hop’ stardom

My Lifestarring cast member K. Amina drops a bomb that nobody was expecting. Amina Buddafly Cast Member. Diddy, Jay-Z, Pharell plus many more to garner over 6 million views online. Retrieved August 17, While simultaneously working on her educational career, Lexxy dabbled in modeling and acting as well.

Cardi B to Premiere ‘Bartier Cardi’ Video During ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Reunion Special | Rap-Up

The cast underwent a major cast change for the third time in the show’s history, with only Yandy Smith, Tara Wallace and Amina Buddafly returning from last season’s main cast. Initially intended to be an eight-episode series, the first season was expanded to nine episodes in hew to include the first season reunion, which aired on May 16, Papoose warns Remy Ma about her wedding planner.

Growing up, Cyn always wanted to be an entertainer. After peaking at No.

Joe Budden is also widely known for various high-profile relationships, publicized by the media, in his lyrics, and on Twitter. Born to an addict mother and a father who was incarcerated, Sophia was a product of the Canadian foster care system.

Love & Hip Hop

In addition to his many ventures, Jim Jones is also gaining respect for his role as a music video director winning several music award nominations. Through it all we must stay strong in our resolve, regardless who might stand in the way of our happiness.

Amina formerly of “Black Buddafly” was born and raised in Hamburg, Germany, to a Senegalese father and a German mother. Yandy Smith-Harris Cast Member. Tara makes a shocking admission.

For us, making it big means fighting for that top spot in a place where legends are born and bred every single day. Peter Gunz Cast Member. For us, the women in hip hop, the hustle is harder. Retrieved June 15, Williams who introduced Snoop to the producers of The Wire and a star was born. Samantha Wallace Cast Member. Rose, a stylist, appeared in a minor supporting role.