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  • July 21, 2018


Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Ok, so it works but there are problems that make it nearly unwatchable. Since I really can’t watch the movie with the fights all pixelated, I’m wondering if there’s a fix for this. There was maybe one or two times that it didn’t have subs for a line someone was saying, but other than that they were great. Log in or sign up in seconds. I updated the subs 20 minutes ago an now they are a lot better. I postet the link as a comment but it should be the same as I simply replaced the file. Thanks again, so much!

Be mindful of our self-promotion policy Self-promotion should be thoughtful, limited, and consistently well received by the community. Where eyes can be swapped like Clothes xD. I watched every second of it Decided to try my luck I’m on mac so wasn’t sure if it would work and holy shit, video actually plays with subs! That’s what made them big enough. Just finished it and WOW was that heartwarming. Its just I’ve been waiting for this for ages and I want it to satisfy me.

I plan to buy the official release, but with the NoA distribution unconfirmed, it sucks we have to go this route. Sorry If I misunderstood you. All I wanted to happen, happened.

Also, go into track synchronization and delay it by Any low-effort posts which do not even belong in dankruto shouldn’t be posted at all. Dude already did a awsome job dont worry about little flaws especialy if it isnt your main language.

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Kakashi had th too. I found a couple of missing parts nothing too big. Feels like I’ve been waiting forever for this! Its just I’ve been waiting for this for ages and I want it to satisfy me.

I downloaded VLC just for this because my regular didn’t play it, and I managed to get the subs in naruto movie the last eng sub japanese audio a problem I think.

She said she was getting weak and even fell off soon after. Been waiting forever for this. Thanks for adding the missing things and updating the things I did wrong. Live action Naruto movie. I’ll buy a copy when it comes out in my region!

DVD Naruto Movie 10 The Last Movie Japanese Dub With English Sub Gift

Submit a new text post. I updated the subs 20 minutes ago an now they are a lot better. I took a look at the script, and I see why. This includes the Boruto Manga and the Boruto Movie, as well as episode previews and summaries. I’m using a mac and it’s telling me naruto movie the last eng sub japanese audio can’t read the file: I formatted it in x because that is the standart resolution of Aegisub.

Where to watch Naruto. Suv in threads that are already spoiler-marked do not need to be hidden in spoiler tags. I hope hope you can watch it anyway.

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The subtitles are kind of off for me. Jappanese have the same problem and my CPU usage does not max out at all. To anyone wondering, the quality is great, and so are the subs.

I was so sad last night when movi main video quality didn’t have subs, so I had to switch to a lat quality vid, but that one had some terrible subs I heard “mirai hokage” and they naruto movie the last eng sub japanese audio not translate anything like thatso I was so disappointed, but then reddit saved me, thanks.

Thank you so much for doing this. You could try to convert it with suv program like any video converter If you chose divx or something like that it will jpaanese work for you but this could take a while to complete. Limit yourself to one fanart submission within approximately 24 hours. Submit naruto movie the last eng sub japanese audio new link.

In the beginning I think the kids were saying something about Hyuga and the bakugan but the subs never mention it. Support the creators and rights holders! It contains an audio drama. I downloaded it and tried to open with VLC but i’m getting an error. I’ve waited so long to rematch this and with the amazing quality and subs that actually make sense it was an amazing experience!

Thanks again, so much! This should be a vid right? D I’ll give you credit at the end so your work will be appreciated. I followed japanees instructions and all, but sometimes the subs either don’t show up or they don’t stay for long enough. Interview with Mikio Ikemoto. Saucenao or Google Images.

Got my hopes up went to watch it, nothing but fucking black screen, sound works, no video, tried it again on vlc for android same thing, black screen, working sound.