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These revelations are quite a blow to Won, and put him on edge as he looks around at his staff, wondering who here is positioned against him. So I did like this episode. Her reaction to hearing about ES mother’s disability was clueless but also sweet. Yoon worries about ES, affected by his meeting with HJ. Meaning you want Young Do to die as well? KDaddict explored social commentary on hierarchical society and the theme of mother comment 15 for episode 8. Ivoire November 13, at

How about what’s in Comment 3. My first k-drama ever was “You’re Beautiful” – and after a long series of boring or bad US shows, that got me hooked. He is definitely my favorite character and I love that he is an unapologetic, dynamic devil -his actions always keep me guessing especially loved him dropping her into the pool. His mother tells him to tell her after entrance exams are over, dismissing him. How else do you think her scenes should have been portrayed, specifically? Kang Shin-hyo Boo Sung-chul.

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It keeps going around, and yet nothing really happened. They seriously should have get a way siinopsis actress. So-was he metaphorically throwing a bucket of water on 2 dogs? Everyone is in a rush to make Tan and Young Do grow up without first giving them the proper nurture that a young kid needs to grow. There is no middle.

ES has to be most blah character in this show.

The only seemingly functional families are the single parent families of the social care group Chang Young and Eun Sang. I really don’t get why people aren’t drrama this drama. I also like that ES is showing how hard life is for her. ES wants to change her Life, but what she’ll do to make that happen? And thank God, Eunsang had a mind of her own for like a minute there.

As one funny post on DF put it: LMH your acting skill just love it man!. R comes, she has been calling her mom. She declines to answer. Her hair is pulled and she’s slapped. JS shows up at the meeting. The girls run sinopsis drama korea the heirs episode 7 dan 8. He sees ES sitting outside the house. I don’t really want anyone to die in this one, if you have not watched Queen of Ambition it is hard to explain just how evil a character can get – much more so than anything in this drama.

But ES just looks worried. Ivoire -Thanks for your kind words, and for all your thought-provoking posts. YD says he knocked her down.

I felt that he is on the way to redemption in this episode. I almost feel like it was also a sinopsis drama korea the heirs episode 7 dan 8 distraction for her from the situation at hand.

Good to hear from you, as always! And, I do feel badly for Rachel here. Saying it to Dad, on sinopssis other hand, might Mean Something. Follow Blog via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. PlumWine November 13, at 9: Even i don’t like Tan here, he’s just good when he’s flirting with eunsang. Angoles November 14, at 2: In a eposode his acting seems to calm and composed for a teenager boy who just came back to face the past and who has to fight adn windmills.

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Tan asks if she was hurt. BN warns against it- only one might be alive the next day. I find it interesting that in his relationship with his brother, he is mature, always reaching out to him, and not taking his insults to heart, but with ES, he focuses most of the time on what HE wants, and on how things should be like, from his perspective.

I really, really felt for him, when he was talking to his mom. Also, I can so relate to yours I-watchedshows statement.

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She heads off to buy breakfast and runs into Young-do at a convenience store, where he offers her his extensive knowledge of convenience store foods for the best pick. In the wee hours, they head back to sinopsis drama korea the heirs episode 7 dan 8, tone back to light bickering. That has been bothering me a lot, even from an 18 year old.

I did write at length about family as well as Sinopsis drama korea the heirs episode 7 dan 8 Do and others but my posts are too long for the site and awaiting moderation. I will be trying to capture as much as possible while I am watching the episode. ES calls this childish. She can cry alright, I know that her character’s sad, but I cannot feel sad with her. There was something so endearing about her character.

He is definitely my favorite character and I love that he is an unapologetic, dynamic devil -his actions always keep me guessing especially loved him dropping her into the pool. I still recall back in ep1 she was ready to declare her life over at the massive old age of 18, and her attitude has only gotten worse ever since.

Lee Min Ho Main Cast. It is directed by Kang Shin Hyo. HS – feels a lack of personal identity and treats others with a sense of responsibility to be a leader.

Bullying I’m guessing she may yet add commentary on: Please keep on sharing your thoughts with us: