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Elena, Rebekah and Stefan walk through the woods, with the women bickering. Views Read Edit View history. She says her feelings for him won’t change after she takes the cure. A trail of flames blazes out. Stefan arrives, also surprised to see Damon there, and tells them what happened and that someone else took the journal. Jeremy pauses for a drink of water and from in the woods, a man draws back a bow aimed at Jeremy.

Elena flies in and stops him. He triggers a “Return of the Jedi”-style booby trap and tells them to stick together. Someone jumps out and attacks him. She acts like nothing happened and tells him that she needs to go to the bathroom. Retrieved February 5, May Learn how and when to remove this template message. He can’t think of anything more miserable than being human. Shane explains it’s at the bottom of the well.

Zeason tries to convince Rebekah to play nice with Elena, who responds by charging her and trying to stake story of vampire diaries season 4 episode 13. Later, Ben tries to fish info from Bonnie about Elena and unsuspected Bonnie tells him that the two of them are like sisters and that she would episodf for her. Anna got the journal and now she reads it to find where the Grimoire is while Ben epksode for his date with Bonnie.

Why does everyone assume this cure is enough for whoever wants to take it and not for, say, just two people? Later, Stefan is with Katherine who tries to feed on him but because of the vervain, she faints. Why not Shane had lost his wife and son within months of each other, so he decided to try the well out for himself. Rebekah gave Elena the evil eye, and Elena tried to stake her.

Elena is surprised to see him there. Meanwhile, Shane runs through the woods with the tombstone. Don’t worry, it won’t be long now,” Klaus tells her.

Stefan makes Bex put Elena down. Around a campfire, Rebekah asks Stefan if he’s still e;isode to take the cure to get back with Story of vampire diaries season 4 episode 13. They start reading it and Elena finds a mention of Stefan’s father in it.

Damon asks for the journal otherwise he will kill Elena. The stpry made us forget about Elena during the opening scene. Josie Kafka from Doux Reviews rated the episode with 3.

Retrieved from ” https: Damon gets the upper-hand as they fight, then he sees the man’s mark and realizes he’s one of the Five. Shane’s wife and child died within story of vampire diaries season 4 episode 13 of each other, so he tried the well, cutting his hand to bleed into it.

Klaus walks over to the magic barrier and looks down at her. Where in the world is Jeremy Gilbert? Stefan also sees Emily with Anna hiding but he does not say a word to the hunters.

Caroline sees through his tough guy act. Elena trips a trap, and Rebekah stops wooden spikes before they skewer Elena. Emily promises Anna she will see her mother again.

Into the Wild

He reveals that his wife was a powerful witch who tried to raise their son sgory he was killed in a car accident. Elena shoved him out of the way, and before the islander could fire another shot, someone had thrown a hatchet into his back.

Kevin Williamson Julie Plec. Children of the Damned”. After studying Jeremy’s tattoos, Bonnie comes to Shane because she doesn’t see a spell in them.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He admits that he witnessed a vampire, Damon, killing his wife but Damon had to eiaries him and he disappeared along with his wife’s body. She lights a diaties then follows its trail through the woods. He would story of vampire diaries season 4 episode 13 kill her but he could turn her into a vampire without hesitation. The arguing continues until Elena almost get staked vampirr a punji trap that would make Rambo proud. Bekah points out that everyone makes her out to be the bad girl in the Elena-Bex relationship when she and Elena have more murderous deeds in common than not.

She grabs Elena by the neck and accuses her of taking it. The night continues with Damon and Jeremy playing video games and Jeremy telling him about Anna. Jeremy pauses for a drink of story of vampire diaries season 4 episode 13 and diariee in the woods, a man draws back a bow aimed at Jeremy. She tells him about Silas and if Shane sets him free, he’ll help those who helped him.

Shane offered Damon sunscreen. When their father walks away, Stefan says that if they talk to him about Katherine, they will convince him not to kill her.

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In the middle of the night, Jeremy is awoken by a tribal man. As they trek through the woods at night, Shane tells everyone to stop.

I don’t give a crap about Bonnie Bennett,” Damon says, as he prepares to snap Shane’s neck.