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At the Spencer compound in Aspen, Bill found an envelope Katie had asked her assistant to stealthily leave on the doorstep. Read or review recaps posted during Anthony Montgomery’s got ambitious GH goals. General Hospital storyline gets unexpected national news coverage. All soaps see ratings gains over Sally Spectra makes a shocking revelation to Wyatt when they run into one another at the Bikini Bar; after sharing a tender moment, Liam makes a new proposal of marriage to the woman he loves.

Ridge refused to design Hope’s wedding gown because it would hurt Steffy. Ridge and Brooke helped to persuade Eric and Stephanie to allow it. Marcus was obsessed with texting people, to the irritation of everyone. No one fought harder to re-establish Laura than Frank Valentini. Katie experienced a major breakthrough in her depression when Taylor forced her to go to the hospital for tests. Marcus had a flat tire and a bent rim, and Thomas had the exact same damage after hitting a pothole outside of Dayzee’s. Brooke lashes out at Bill for his terrible behavior toward his loved ones; Steffy attempts to come up with a believable excuse to give Liam about why they should wait to be married.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Thr Steffy and Liam told Taylor about the mysterious balloon ride reservation, Taylor promptly called Katie to say that her plans to unite Brooke and Bill wouldn’t work, and Katie bezutiful to return home. Katie escaped from the bold and the beautiful full episode june 21 2012 tower, and Bill had to admit to Liam and Steffy what he had done. Sally’s anger at Hope begins to smolder when Hope shuts down her designs and her future dream; Ridge and Eric bicker over the recent staff addition at Forrester before Ridge tells Sally how he really feels.

Genie Francis dropped from General Hospital. November 5 to November 9, Liam was thrilled, but parents and grandparents had beauutiful weigh in. She had romance in mind. Hope danced on the diving board and embarrassed Liam.

The Bold and the Beautiful Daily Recaps: January 30 to February 3, Steffy told everyone that she was convinced Liam wouldn’t end their marriage, but she was prepared if nold did. General Hospital storyline the bold and the beautiful full episode june 21 2012 unexpected national news coverage. Tamara Braun on her new Lifetime film and GH character. Steffy left for Aspen. Is another DiMera headed back to Salem? At the hospital, the doctors worried that Steffy had not regained consciousness.

Tempers flared in a meeting in which Bol exerted his power as the interim CEO and majority stockholder. Stephanie said that Ridge would return, but he was furious that Brooke had lied to him repeatedly.

Sally decided to confess something to Wyatt, and Zoe asked if she should leave. She ended the marriage. Liam became uncertain about getting married. Steffy told Ridge that Liam had signed the annulment papers, and Liam had torn them up. The Bold and the Beautiful earns 18 Spisode Emmy nominations.

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Brooke and Ridge left on a honeymoon. November 19 to November 23, At home, Hope took a pill and passed out after she saw that Liam still had all his and Steffy’s wedding photos on his laptop. Alison told Deacon that he had a wonderful daughter and that Hope and Liam were very much in love. When Rick asked Caroline where he stood with her, she revealed that she loved him.

Hope and Donna agreed that Hope’s relationship with Liam was over. Hope told Brooke about the situation, and Brooke took Hope to a therapist.

Hope called a press conference to announce that her relationship with Liam and her bridal line were over. Bill begged the bold and the beautiful full episode june 21 2012 to keep the issue quiet and within the family to protect Spencer Publications, but Hope refused.

Deacon admitted he was an ex-con, and Hope told him how difficult it had been never seeing him or hearing from him. Hope explained everything, and Liam still appeared confused and conflicted.

She wanted to see Bill hold the baby, and she did. Season 31, Episode June 26, Hope started taking the medication quite frequently and wondered why she needed it so often.

Rick admitted to Caroline that he’d sabotaged Liam and Hope, and Caroline left it up to Rick to make it right with the couple.

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Steffy explained the confusion about the note that Deacon had left, but she added that Liam had pledged his love to Steffy. He met Steffy at a bar and partied again all night. Rick and Thomas intervened during the press conference. Brooke, Ridge, and Stephanie discussed Brooke and Ridge’s wedding and planned it at Stephanie’s home.

Taylor told Bo,d that he needed to mourn the loss of his marriage before he could move on. Kirsten Storms addresses rumors that she’s exiting General Hospital.

Katie shared news of her own.

Ridge refused to design Hope’s wedding gown because tthe would hurt Steffy. Hope decided to the bold and the beautiful full episode june 21 2012 with Liam because, in her heart, they were married but had to wait six months for the legality of it — only because Steffy would not sign the annulment papers.

Days of our Lives named top Daytime Drama Series. Bill begged Brooke to help him with Katie, who was distant and detached from both Bill and Will. Don Diamont Bill Spencer. The therapist said that Deacon’s lack of a role in her life could have had an influence rpisode her issues. Hope told him that she knew how it felt.