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Cecil tells him that he knows the way. Outstanding Actor in a Motion Picture. I have emailed Haygood and will update the post if he provides additional information. We’re trying to tell the story of the Civil Rights movement through a prototypical American family and how they experienced those turbulent times. Particular criticism has been directed at the film’s accuracy in portraying President Ronald Reagan. The invented scene is what then prompts his wife Gloria Gaines Oprah Winfrey to emphatically state, “The White House call him, he didn’t call the White House,” in a moment of fiction. So how much is real and how much has been slightly embellished?

A few days after Barack Obama was elected president in , the Washington Post published an article about a black butler who served in the White House for 34 years, under eight presidents, from Truman to Reagan. In , during the Reagan administration, Mr. He so missed telling his Helene about the black man bound for the Oval Office. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The central character, “Cecil Gaines”, is only loosely based on the real Allen. There were a few hour days. The Washington Post August 12,

When Wil came across former White House butler Eugene Allen, he knew that he had found the perfect story to tell. Thereafter, as film production started Weinstein Co.

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The Butler movie depicts President Ronald Reagan Alan Rickman stating that he will filk to impose sanctions against South Africa for its racist policies. Retrieved December 25, I ask him when he last set foot in the White House and he picks up an envelope of photographs id had arrived that morning.

He worked for the family as a house boy doing the butler film is it a true story such as washing dishes. Retrieved from ” https: While working there, Cecil meets and marries Gloria, and the couple has two sons: Outstanding Directing in a Motion Picture.

He was all alone.

The Butler: the real White House butler interviewed, aged 89

I ask whether he thinks the White House will be different under Obama. By Helena de Bertodano. Allen had a wife and two kids Ruling: Kennedy’s body back to Washington, D. Johnsonenacts the legislation. Trus November 14, Retrieved August 15, He arrived in Washington during the Great Depression. While Daniels had some input as to the script, Strong is credited as the sole writer.

What befalls his parents on the cotton field was added for dramatic effect There were a few hour days. Allen received one of President John F. He turned down a personal invitation to President John Ig. According to Michael Reaganthe former president’s son, “The real story of the butler film is it a true story White House butler doesn’t imply racism at all.

They would walk slowly down to the local school to cast their votes, Helene using her cane and her husband for support, then they would come home and Helene would prepare dinner. On January 20, when Obama is sworn in as the first black President in The butler film is it a true story history, Allen thinks he will probably stay home. Here in the album is the menu: Retrieved March 28, This contrasts the movie, which has Cecil starting to work as a butler immediately.

In fikm movie, Cecil Gaines grows up on a cotton field in Fklm, where his family comes into conflict with the white farmers for whom they work.

‘The Butler’ Fact Check: How True Is This True Story?

But because of Jim Crow and because of discriminationthere was only so far they could go. Allen was the first White House butler ever to be invited as a guest to a state dinner. Kennedy ‘s inauguration, Louis and others are attacked by members of the Ku Klux Klan while on a freedom ride filn Birmingham, Alabama. Kennedy is later assassinated.

Allen had been married to his wife, Helene, for 65 years. Allen came to public attention when a article about him and his wife, by journalist Wil Haygood, entitled “A Butler Well Served by This Election”, was published in The Washington Post shortly after the presidential election. In real life, Eugene Allen always expressed pride with regard to his job and his time sotry the White House. Allen was born on a Virginia plantation innot in Georgia.

Allen’s life was the inspiration for the the butler film is it a true story The Butler. Reagan’s hesitation to issue sanctions arose in bbutler because he did not want to disrupt America’s anti-communist alliance with the country, not because he thought apartheid bufler South Africa was okay.

Film 50 great quotes about acting.

Movies Daniels then did an interview with Entertainment Tonight where the interviewer said, “I understand you tried to get Obama to be in the movie,” to the butler film is it a true story Daniels replied, “Yes, we did.

He was too shy to ask for her number, so she had storu track him down. You wouldn’t even dream that you could dream of a moment like this. Seeing him standing there, it’s been worth it all. Because The Ot is a historical drama, you brace yourself for the brutal moments you know are coming next—such as the Kennedy assassination. Rochon approaches Cecil and tells him the president is ready, preparing to show him the way to the Oval Office.

That was the first time in my stort I had ever seen my father cry.