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Episode 26 Talkin’ ’bout an Evolution. All this and more. Speaking about it with The Hollywood Reporter , he called the decision “not a healthy way to do business”. A false bomb threat sends community members fleeing to the city center; Eddie regrets his new policy of openness. Gaines advises her to leave the area, but says the FBI will investigate; also, he learns his infant daughter Lucy has a condition that might require surgery, and receives advice from Eddie. Cal rants hysterically at a security meeting, frightening the staff. He then brings Sean back to the New York community to reunite with Mary. Season 5 Episode 22 Dues and Don’ts 0 Views.

In a depressive spiral, Eddie threatens to murder Cal if he tries to take Hawk away. Later she remonstrates with Eddie for not letting her take responsibility. Hawk shares his spiritual experience with Eddie, who expresses doubt. The “contributors” give their FBI depositions. The “miracle” interests Lilith, a veterinarian who is also the leader of a grim offshoot of the old faith; her daughter Vera Stephens becomes Eddie’s publicist. Realizing he was followed, Eddie takes young Johnny and drives off to rejoin Chloe, but the surroundings begin to resemble a dream he’d had, including the cabin; he stops, discovers Richard in a parked van and is knocked unconscious by Kodiak.

Hawk and Noa take an initiatory walk through a forest without lights on the dark of the moon and Hawk has a mystical experience.

Melanie has some important news to tell everyone. He visits Eddie and reveals his true identity. Season 20 Episode 26 So Long, Sophocles! Hawk bonds with his new friend Noa and further explores his own faith. Thus, begins the redemption story of AZthe former king of the Kalos region.

While in his office he gets some surprising news and he quickly jumps in his helicopter to Geosenge Town. Caleb Matthews, son of a famous Christian preacher, applies to hold “Musa” youth group meetings in reqwakening Meyer building’s interfaith space. Eddie cuts ties with Alison and responds angrily when he finds her outside his home.

Season 20 Episode 14 Getting to Know You! Phallon goes to her former roots to insure she gets what she wants. Cal goes through mementoes of Steve, stirring painful memories. It starts with a cleverly soundtracked rezwakening to a pioneer community, where an apocalyptically minded Christian sect is perpetually disappointed to discover that the world is not ending as scheduled.


He plunges a knife into the cow’s neck, splattering Sarah with black tar and shouting that it is poison. A video of the “miracle” goes viralattracting global attention and money.

Retrieved November 14, Meanwhile, Cal Roberts, a friend of Sarah’s and one of Meyerism’s top leaders, is looking to expand their influence and deal with the imminent death of their founder, Doctor Stephen The reawakening tv show season 3 episode 10. This page was last edited on 10 Julyat Nor is this the narrative sudoku played by Westworld and other shows, in which mysteries are treated like puzzles to be solved rather than questions to be explored for emotional payoffs.

The Vision Episode 7: Sarah assumes Cal’s the father and repudiates him.

Season 14 Episode 34 Gotta Catch a Roggenrola! The show portrays members of a fictional religion known as Meyerism. Still concerned of what Eddie may the reawakening tv show season 3 episode 10 learned in Peru, Cal offers to be his guide for the next level, 7R, which permits reawzkening secrets between them. Report Inappropriate Screen Name Your request could not be completed. Sarah and Vera take Eddie to meet Lilith in the hospital. The Redemption Episode Eddie arranges to bribe building inspectors and speaks with Rufus Mott, a cook who’s suing the Meyerists for a Slip and fall the day after he left 1R.

Episode 5 Night of a Thousand Poses! Now that he te, AZ feels free from all of his sorrow and most of all the part of him seeking redemption. Sarah discovers Vera is Lilith’s reawakenng, prompting an angry call to Eddie.

“Defiance” recap (3.10): I’m A Slave 4 U

Jarell tells Raven his intentions in regards to them. Season 14 Episode 38 Movie Time! The Cavern Episode 8: Macen finds out what happened to Adonis. Episode 27 Pallet Party Panic. When darkness falls, make me a light. Season 21 Episode 3 Deceiving Appearances! Cal fakes a text message from Hawk to Eddie, dispatching three enforcers to beat Eddie. An old man, Daniel, asks Eddie to counsel his daughter; the girl died years ago in another cult’s mass suicide; Daniel drugs The reawakening tv show season 3 episode 10 and buries him alive, but Cal has followed them and rescues Eddie.

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