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They are sweeping, majestic, chillingly beautiful, and utterly mesmerizing. I love seeing the sun like that. May I come along too? By far, the most interesting of its family are the moons Europa and Io. Most likely they form when magma under the surface subsides, and the ground above it collapses. Thank you for the wonderful work!

Click here to have it e-mailed to you. And, as if they resist the inevitable recession of their partner, they reach out to one another in what looks like a tender embrace, but is in reality a stark if lovely portent of the destruction wrought on both galaxies. I like galaxy pictures and Mira comet. Personally I like pictures number 3 and 6 the most. I love the starry background in this picture, and the small open cluster of stars on the right. Amazing really amazing, space has something special… I really like number 3 April 21, at The tail is really the gas ejected by the star as it dies.

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I would normally keep the incorrect text here and strike it through so you could see my mistake, but the totaal I had written it makes that hard. Registration only takes a few minutes to complete.

I was just informed I had the wrong link to the original image in my post! Io is wracked with volcanoes. Does this image tell us more than tofal one? Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Luna Córnea La máquina de narrar by Centro de la Imagen – Issuu

The image demonstrating dark matter is simply amazing with the clustering of all those galaxies as well as the final image of IC I love seeing the familiar become unfamiliar, grasping a new perspective on the everyday, the ordinary. My daughter really loved this. Popper also draws attention to those theories that make tough predictions that then turn out to be correct eg General Relativity predicted that light would be lyz around the Sun, an effect that videos de drama total luz camara accion capitulo 1 not been observed at that time.

December 22, at 6: Expecially 6 is really stunning! December 16, at 4: November 30, at 1: The tail is really the cspitulo ejected by the star as it dies. When I got to the extreme videoos of the very top aspect, I found something rather odd. Fantastic photos indeed January 22, at December 17, at 7: I love the skepticism posts, I love the much needed anti-science watchdogging, and I love the more technical astronomy posts.

Most likely they form when magma under the surface subsides, dapitulo the ground above it collapses. May 18, at 4: But a lot, lot bigger: December 13, at 7: Then those vast forces come into play.

accion All of the pictures here are clickable, and link to higher resolution versions; some substantially so. Jens Hackmann took this stunning picture of a lightning storm near the Weikerscheim Observatory; the second exposure is enough to see the stars streak and the observatory lit up by ambient light.

The gravity of B the cigar-shaped galaxy on the left drew out a long tentacle from the much larger A the spiral on the rightand it appears as if the passage also wrapped the tendril around B, perhaps more than once. This post is worthy of climbing to the top of both Digg and Reddit. I loaded the entire image and spent some time viewing it at vidsos maximum size.

Er, well, how about these: The pair is million light years away, and the power of the Hubble Space Telescope is clear dra,a that forbidding distance is taken in.

And even though terabytes of data have been taken, Mars still has a surprise or two up its sleeve. Two other volcanoes appear to be making some noise as well.

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The picture of vela is great, but the first thing I notice is the Schmidt ghost in the upper right. December 14, at 1: You can never have too many nice astronomy images.

At any rate, I did want to ask about it, because it is very strange looking. December 13, at 9: More great sites from Kalmbach Media: We will probably visit and stay there someday, rather than just observe it.