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After the last traveler passes through her, Bonnie collapses and a man comes from the Other Side through her to the outside world. Club gave a B- rating to the episode saying that “the entire episode is basically the setup to get him [Markos] to Mystic Falls, using the blood of the last two doppelgangers to do so. Jeremy calls Bonnie to ask about Elena and when Bonnie tells him that she is at school, he says that Elena might be in danger. Retrieved April 10, Back in Atlanta, Caroline and Enzo find the hospital where Tom works but a doctor informs them that Tom has been missing for four months and no one knows where he is. He taught them about….

Refusing to embrace her…. Infinity War Part 1 2. Caroline and Enzo are already in Atlanta trying to find Tom when Sloan calls to tell them that the person’s name they are looking for is Tom and where he works. For other uses, see Rescue Me. Wes gives Katherine some disturbing news; Jeremy and Bonnie share a glimmer of hope after talking with Amara; Silas fails to keep a promise which causes Damon to turn to Tessa for help with his new plan; Stefan makes a heartbreaking confession to Damon and Elena. Caroline goes back to the traveler’s camp and tells Stefan what happened and realizes that Stefan let her go purposely knowing that she would never hurt Tom or anyone because that’s just who she is. Season 5, Episode 16 March 20,

Ian Somerhalder Damon Salvatore. Infinity War Part 1 2.

Season 5, Episode 20 May 1, Season 5, Episode 13 February 6, Carrie Raisler of The A. A skeptic is forced to work with a firm believer of the paranormal on unexplained occurrences in Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, Katherine pleads with Damon to help her now that she is human and eplsode to her enemies; and Silas makes a terrifying appearance at an end-of-summer party in the town square. Season 5, Episode 10 December 12, Nadia recalls her centuries-long search for her mother; Stefan, Caroline and Matt come up with a desperate plan to save Elena’s life; Damon baits Tyler into an ugly confrontation watch the vampire diaries season 5 episode 1 seeks revenge against Dr.

Subtitle Not Synced Wrong subtitle Missing subtitle. Paul Weston, a psychotherapist who exhibits an insightful, reserved demeanor while treating his patients—but displays a…. Season 5, Episode 8 November 21, A Virginia high-school seasno falls for a new boy xeason class who is actually a centuries-old vampire struggling to live peacefully among humans.

Liv and her coven did everything they could to protect her but since now she is dangerous they have to kill her.

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Subsequently, their father raised them to be soldiers. While talking, Liv gets a text from Luke who informs her about Hazel and she leaves in a hurry. Diarirs sees Tom talking to a girl named Hazel Gena Shawwho asks him to buy him a dinner for saving her friend’s life and Tom accepts. Meanwhile, Damon makes a terrifying discovery about a secret society.

Watch the vampire diaries season 5 episode 1 joins them just to inform them that he will move in with Tyler and Matt. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Retrieved April 10, Season 5, Episode 19 April 24, Enzo brings Damon a gruesome present and insists that they bond by committing an act of revenge; Matt impulsively decides to throw a party; Caroline makes a stunning confession to Elena; Aaron tries to make amends for his family’s past misdeeds; Elena faces a life-threatening situation with only minutes to figure out how to save herself.

Season 5 Episode Guide. Caroline gets mad at Sloan because she broke their deal and used Stefan again to link him to Tom, something that could lead Stefan to lose his memories.

Caroline goes back to the traveler’s camp and tells Stefan what happened and realizes that Stefan let her go purposely knowing that she would never hurt Tom or anyone because that’s just who she is. Peisode Online [p] Download Now [p].

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On their way back to the car, Enzo appears and kills Tom. Lost Girl Lost Girl. Meanwhile, Bonnie keeps Jeremy in the dark regarding the truth about the Other Side.

Silas announces his new goal to Damon and Elena; Tessa tells Stefan about her next move; Katherine discovers an unexpected consequence of being human and realises she needs a new place eoisode stay; Bonnie is touched by Jeremy’s determination to stand by her; and Damon is stunned when he learns the secret to Tessa’s plan.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. At the Salvatore house, Watch the vampire diaries season 5 episode 1 tells Damon that she will go back to Whitmore and that they should stay away from each other because they are bad for each other. Season 5, Episode 21 May 8, They all die and Stefan and Caroline run away not knowing what the ritual was about.

As the fifth season opens, Elena, after a passionate summer with Damon, heads to college nearby with Caroline as her roommate.

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The three of them talk when Liv Penelope Mitchell walks into the watch the vampire diaries season 5 episode 1 and meets with Jeremy. Stefan and Elena experience unsettling dreams of the life they might have had together; Bonnie has a disturbing encounter with Grams; Enzo searches for a woman he loved decades ago; Bonnie learns that Jeremy is working with Liv; Matt has a terrifying encounter with inhabitants of the Other Side.

Season 5, Episode 3 October 17, Refusing to embrace her…. Sam Swift, the former star of a hit cop series whose epic breakdown is broadcast to the public and sends her to rehab. Join Now Back to login.